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Dealer Services is an automobile dealer educational trade association dedicated to the successful operation of your Dealership. We are located at 4600 East Washington Steet in Phoenix and we want to ensure you operate your dealership under the guidelines required by the state of Arizona while maintaining the highest ethical standards possible.

Our Dealer Video Consulting Service will help you, not only apply for your Arizona Used Motor Vehicle License correctly, but will ensure you maintain compliance with the Arizona Department of Transportation once you have received your Arizona Dealer License.

Our $149 one time consulting investment allows you to access over 8 hours of exclusive video content that is designed just for persons that are obtaining an Arizona dealer license.

You will receive a password and a link to access all the videos over and over. The videos are not available on YouTube or anywhere else.

After you view the videos you will be able to to apply for your Arizona dealer license, gain access into every dealer auction in the United States, and reach a whole new level of prosperity.

Good Luck With Your New Business!


We are here to help you obtain your Arizona Dealer License!

Arizona Dealer License

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Arizona Dealer Services